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Drone Services

Aerial Filming

Film your project in HD, 4K or even state of the art 8K

Aerial Photography

Capture the perfect image with aerial photography

Indoor Filming

Our smaller drones allow us to safely shoot indoors

Aerial Surveys

Drone surveys and aerial building inspections

Aerial Filming

Creative Moose specialise in aerial filming services, capturing breathtaking drone video and drone photography. Our CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensed operators can remotely control U.A.V drones to capture stunning aerial video and aerial photography from up to 400 feet high. Our drone video services are great for showcasing land, infrastructure, architectural designs, building developments, production processes as well as site surveys and site inspections, across Manchester, North West and the whole of the UK.

Aerial Photography

When it comes to aerial photography, we have got you covered! Our custom-designed rigs allow us to capture RAW images from 24MP up to 100MP. Whatever your requirements, we will provide the right package for your project.

Quality and experience

With over 20 years of flying experience, we custom rig our drones to meet every production need. Our experienced video drone teams can produce breathtaking shots in either High Definition (HD), stunning 4k or state of the art 8k. Whatever your requirements, we use a range of drones, cameras, lenses and motorised gimbals to capture every detail. Whether you require an Arri Alexa Mini, RED Monstro, Sony A7S and DJI X7; or smaller rigs for indoor filming such as the DJI Mavic 2, we've got you covered! 

Safety First!

When operating drones to film or to photograph, it's essential to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines relating to flying times, distances, locations and conditions. Our experienced drone crews are fully briefed before each project, performing pre-flight planning and safety checks before taking to the air.

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