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Conference and event filming

Here at Creative Moose, we provide 'end to end' conference and event filming services, tailored to your needs. From annual events and product launches, to workshops, award ceremonies, press conferences and live talks, we specialise in planning, filming, editing and distributing high quality video content for conferences and events.
Our in-house team of producers, technicians, camera crews and photographers will work with you every step of the way ensuring an enjoyable experience. We can even help you to 'Live Stream' your event via Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, or any other service. Whatever your requirements, we have experience and expertise to make it happen. Please get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.

Check out our Event showreel

Check out the highlights from some of the our the events and conferences we have recently filmed and edited. 

Our Event Video Services

Event Filming

Event filming is a great way to capture the success of your event. Whether you require one or multiple cameras, we will advise on the most appropriate way to film your event, based on your requirements and budget. Typically, event filming can include; filming of dynamic cutaway shots, capturing footage of onstage speakers, and the filming vox pops and interviews with key stakeholders and attendees. Whatever your filming requirements we have got you covered.

Event Live Streaming

In addition to event filming, we can also live stream your event to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch or any other service. We make it easy to live stream multiple video cameras, vision mix angles, overlay speaker slides, display live screen feeds around the venue, and much more.

To find out more information about our live video streaming service, please click here.

Interviews and customer testimonials

Filming interviews and testimonials are a great way to capture the mood and theme of an event. Filming can sometimes be an unfamiliar experience and so we work hard to support and encourage interviewees, helping them to give their best performance onscreen. Whether we are interviewing a chief executive, a member of staff or an attendee, we will make sure that each person looks and sounds great and are presented in the best possible way.

Pre-recorded videos

To help make your event stand out, our pre-recorded videos can build anticipation and deliver powerful messages to a captive audience. Whether you require award videos, graphical introductions, or a specific video focusing on a particular theme, our creative teams are able to produce powerful video content that deliver targeted messages to your audience.

Highlight Video Packages

Highlight videos are a great way to document and showcase your event. Once your event has been filmed, we make it easy to create effective highlight videos which help to promote the content, theme and success of your event. From small social media clips to longer form edits, our skilled editors will tell the story of your event using dynamic cutaways, music, graphics and interviews. Event videos can be show to key stakeholder and can be distributed on your website and across social media.

Event Photography

Put simply, great photography can elevate your event, excite customers and influence perceptions. Using the latest cameras, lenses and shooting techniques, our team of experience event photographers will create vibrant, meaningful images that capture the essence of your event. All photography is shot in super high resolution and can be used across print media and web based channels. To learn more about our photography services, please click here

Why choose us?

1. Experience

Our trusted teams have produced thousands of hours of creative content for a range of national and international clients. Each project we undertake is carefully managed by an experienced event producer who supervises a trusted team of storytellers that are passionate about delivering the best possible content for our clients.

2. Client Focus

Creatively, our key strengths are based on our ability to fully understand the values, goals and objectives of each organisation we serve. Our teams will then create concepts and deliver creative stories that will appeal to audiences on both an emotional and logical level. 

3. Technical Expertise

From high resolution RAW imagery to HD and RAW 4K video content, our creative teams use the latest cameras, rigs, lenses and colour grading techniques to ensure that the visual content we capture is of the highest possible quality.

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