October 24, 2016

Why invest in quality, professional photography?

The Power of Professional Photography

There are so many ingredients which form the makeup of your brand that it can be difficult to know where to start. Especially when embarking on a digital marketing campaign or setting up a new website. You have to consider things like naming, font variations, colours, photographs, media, motto's, bylines and messages amongst everything else. With so many factors to consider, just how do you divide your budget and focus your efforts?

Although it's very tempting to cut corners, especially when faced with the myriad of choices, it is essential not to compromise where photography is concerned. In a fast paced digital world consumed by social media and the 'here and now', photography is one of the primary means of communication. How do you get noticed in the timeline stream of Facebook or Twitter? How is your content discovered? What naturally hooks people in? The answer is invariably always great imagery.

People naturally process imagery. In fact, we process imagery at an astounding 13 milliseconds - far quicker than we process text. Getting your photos right should not be underestimated; getting that instant first impression right is imperative for getting noticed in the sea of digital content that's floating around.

Unique Commercial Photography

Without doubt, substandard photos stick out like a sore thumb and amateur photographs are incredibly easy to spot. Photos taken on amateur or hobbyist equipment often tends to be dull, over or under-exposed in areas or typically have misalignment of composition subjects and more. You'd be forgiven for thinking that one obvious answer might be stock photos, but you'd be mistaken. These can be something of a minefield for the uninitiated; quality stock images are expensive, cheap ones are vastly overused, not to mention making sure that you stick on the right side of intellectual law can be a scary proposition.

Engaging with a proper commercial photographer, however, can make your business stand out for all the right reasons. From simple interior shots that showcase your premises to full blown advertising photography that injects personality and creativity into your campaign; a professional photographer will help you create one-of-a-kind imagery that is unique to your organisation.

Capturing the processes that feed into making your business special can really engage an audience, especially in complex fields such as manufacturing. For example, our photographs for Crisp Malt show how carefully composed imagery can shape perceptions of a brand, making it more than just a drop in the brewing ocean.

Empowering E-Commerce

High quality images are all the more important for businesses that rely on their online presence to generate sales. There’s an art of photographing products in the best light, and it’s easy to spot DIY imagery from professional shots. It's amazing to see the difference in perception and trust that consumers give towards a company showcasing products using pictures they've taken themselves and those with professionally taken photographs.

Investing in the expertise of a product photographer when launching your collection will pay dividends in the long run, making your products visually appealing while giving your business credibility that will speak volumes in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Furthermore, if you’re hoping to get your products listed on popular online retail platforms such as etsy etc, many state that you must have quality photography as a basic requirement. High resolution images against a white background, like the photos we created for Brewd.com, will ensure that your products fit in well with third party platforms.

Overall, professional product imagery helps to show your customers that you, your products or services are genuine. It shows that a level of professionalism and care has been taken and it helps instill trust that you can fulfil your customers requirements if they decided to purchase from you.


Taking Pride of Place

In a globalised world, there’s something to be said for embracing and capitalising on your local roots. By partnering with a photographer who understands your area as intimately as you do, you can engage your demographic with powerful imagery.

This can be particularly instrumental for organisations with a heritage behind them; our architectural photographs of the Royal Mail premises in Manchester are a perfect example of this.

Quality images have been used throughout the last century to evoke sentiment, evoke thought, and to enhance a message you’re trying to communicate to the masses.

If you're in need of a professional photographer, for whatever reason, our Manchester photographers will be more than happy to help.

If you're based in Manchester and surrounding areas, our photographers can help you capture the essence of your location - whether you’re a quirky Northern Quarter startup or a growing agency basing itself in the blossoming hub of Media City.

Invest in bespoke images that you can use time and again. Partner with an experienced commercial photographer in Manchester, get in touch with Creative Moose today.

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