August 31, 2017

Drone Video: Capturing the Crisp Malt Process

Aerial Filming and Photography

Marketing video production is designed to bring products and services to life in an engaging and informative ways. However, for businesses that operate on a large scale, capturing their unique processes and procedures can often be a challenge.

Drone video services are a fantastic way to showcase these visual processes like never before, ideal for agricultural and manufacturing companies who want to show the epic scale of their production processes - both indoors and outdoors.

As experts in creative video production, Creative Moose relished the opportunity to utilise our video drone services when working with Crisp Malting Group (a leading UK malting company), to map out the factors that make this brand so unique.

Crisp Malt Corporate Videos

As an independent malting company with a history spanning back to the 1870s, we wanted to emphasise the heritage and quality of the Crisp Malt brand. Exploring the evolution of the malting process, including new and traditional techniques used by the company, we therefore decided to create two videos for the company.

The first video 'Meet Crisp Malting Group' was designed to give an overview of the Crisp Malting Group, outlining what makes the company so special as a key link in the brewing chain, whilst taking audiences through their product range, processes and brand values.

In order to provide a deeper insight into the malting process itself, we also created a second video for the client, titled 'From Barley to Malt'. Here, our video drone services really came into their own, allowing us to capture stunning HD aerial footage of the annual malt harvest, treating audiences to an exciting birds-eye view.

Versatile Drone Video Services

As drone technology becomes more and more accessible, the appetite for aerial filming is continuing to grow in popularity as a cost-effective way to capture those epic shots that engage audiences everywhere. Here at Creative Moose, we quickly identified the potential benefits of including video drone services as a key way of illustrating the iconic 'annual barley harvest'. The combination of beautiful aerial shots, coupled with fluid close-up shots of the traditional malting floor, working factory and laboratory, allowed our creative video production team to produce a series of dynamic montages, voiced by the passionate staff members of Crisp Malting Group. Paired with carefully chosen background music, the client was delighted with the results.

As we wrap up production with Crisp Malting Group, our Manchester video production company has several other exciting corporate videos in the pipeline. With years of expertise in providing corporate video production services, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver stories and messages in new and exciting ways.

Discover why we’re one of the leading video production companies in Manchester and beyond. Working with brands across the UK, our corporate video and video drone services make us a trusted choice for businesses and brands nationwide. To speak with a friendly member of staff about your potential video project - please get in touch on 0161 850 7370.

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