Here at Creative Moose, we think its very important that once your video is completed, that steps are taken to optimise and promote the video across popular internet search engines such as Google and YouTube.


Video optimisation techniques help to make sure that the video can be seen and accessed by as many people as possible. Search engines like Google and YouTube rely on text descriptions to determine what the video is about, rather than the video content itself.

If the video is correctly optimised with relevant keywords then this lets the Google search algorithm know what search terms the video belongs to, so audiences can easily find it.

The key to good video SEO optimisation is identifying the important keywords that will help index your video in the correct search areas that audiences can find. This is achieved in many ways.Here at Creative Moose we provide an overall video optimisation package with additional optional extras to make sure you can successfully achieve this.


As part of our standard video optimisation package, Creative Moose will upload your video to
YouTube and perform the following video SEO tasks


1. Uploading and Optimising Your Video on You Tube

We will upload the video to YouTube with an appropriate keyword rich title and video thumbnail. We can also customise the video thumbnail for you to improve audience engagement. Adding custom thumbnails can have a dramatic impact on your click through rate, which will in turn drive up your search rankings.

2. Writing and Adding a Keyword Rich Video Description

Either based on our initial SEO keyword research or by information provided by the client, we will write a new keyword rich description for your video, adding all the relevant researched keywords, annotations, links and tags to your descriptions. Having targeted keywords in your description, will improve how your video is indexed and ranked in search engines. Creative Moose recommend a description length of at least between 500 and 750 words.

3. Transcribing the Video and Adding to the Video


Search engines like Google and You Tube rely on text descriptions to determine what the video is about. With this in mind it is important that the audio featured in the video is written as subtitle text.

Creative Moose will transcribe your audio and add the text as a close captioned file to the video. This will also help to improve how your video is indexed and ranked in search engines. We can also export the same text file for use in Facebook videos.

4. Adding Call to Action Links such as Cards and End Screen Links


Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, Creative Moose can add specialised call to action techniques such as adding cards and end screen links to your video.

Cards allow you to add a new layer of interactivity to your videos by pointing viewers to a specific URL (from a list of eligible sites) and show customised images and titles.

5. Cards

Cards can also be used as polls or questionnaires for viewers to respond to and click on.

These are great for gathering feedback on opinions about the video subject matter and can be linked to specific research marketing campaigns. 


6. End Screen Links


End Screens Links feature during the last 5-20 seconds of a video and you can add up to four separate elements to promote your content, channel and website.

YouTube End Screens are used to help build viewership on mobile and desktop devices and are used to point viewers to other
videos, playlists or channels.

They can also be used to sell merchandise and fund crowdfunding campaigns.


We also offer some additional video optimisation services to further improve your video SEO.
These services are optional extras to the standard optimisation package.


SEO Keyword Research
Before production on your video has even started we would recommend a keyword research session to identify qualifying keyword data that will help target your video to the relevant search terms, areas and topics. The work at this stage is invaluable as the data we identify can help you to discover what words and phrases people are using to search for particular topics.


You are also able to get indications of how many people are searching for particular phrases, arrangements and terms. This can influence everything from the title used to describe the video, to the questions asked within the video (as the words used will be transcribed and added as text based subtitles in the video).

This keyword data will then be added to your keyword rich video description, video title, tags and annotations and targeted towards your relevant audience on Google and YouTube search.


Adding Videos to your Facebook Page
Facebook is fast becoming a leading platform for businesses to promote video through. With our Facebook upload and optimisation service we can also add your videos to Facebook, using the same media used for your YouTube videos.

On Facebook we can also add keyword rich descriptions, keyword tags and text files to your video.

Using subtitle text files is very important on Facebook timeline feeds, as videos are played without sound until they are clicked on. If text files are added then audiences can read the subtitles as they are scrolling and may be more
inclined to click on a video.


Linking Your YouTube Channel To Your Google My Business Page

Having a linked YouTube channel to your Google My Business Page is very important, as it can have an impact on your search presence. The content that you post on your Google My Business page has the capacity to show up right within the results on the search engine results page.

Here at Creative Moose we offer a service where we will optimise your Google Plus profile, making sure it is correctly linked to your YouTube channel.

If your YouTube channel is not linked to your Google My Business account we will work with Google to merge your accounts to make sure everything is correctly synced to ensure an improved online visibility.


Creative Moose offer various video optimisation services that can help optimize and promote your
video to the right audience. Contact us on 0161 850 7370 to find out how we can help you
improve your video SEO rankings across Google and YouTube.

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