Here at Creative Moose, we provide professional time lapse video production services across Manchester and the Northwest of England. Our experienced time lapse photographers can create stunning time lapse videos tailored to your exact project specifications. We will help you to define clear objectives for your time lapse project, defining key milestones, time frames, and most suitable shooting angles. We will then create the best time lapse system based on the requirements of the project. Please contact us today and let us help you to showcase your construction, demolition or refit project in a way that truly captures the eye.


We are an experienced professional time lapse video company who have serviced a range a clients including, Highways England NHS England, The Christie Hospital and Associated British Foods to name a few. If you are looking to influence perceptions and generate new business through PR, press releases and social media then time lapse photography is a fantastic tool for grabbing people's attention and presenting them with a memorable story.


Construction Time Lapse

Construction projects are a great candidate for time lapse video. Project stakeholders can capture the entire process in one beautiful video, compressing months and years into minutes and seconds. Clients can view and monitor the progress of the build remotely via a private time lapse portal. Imagery is available to share 24-7 with other key stakeholders around the world.

Demolition Time Lapse

Demolition time lapse video is great way to capture the safe demolition of a building or site area. Typically a demolition can be captured over a matter of weeks or months. Time stamped graphics can be inserted into the final edit, to help audiences track the progress of time as different sections of the building are taken down.


Retail & shopping

Retail time lapse photography is a great for capturing the launch of a new retail store or shop. Companies can build anticipation of an opening by releasing regular time lapse videos showing the progress of the build. Once the retail space is ready to launch, clients can then use the final time lapse video across their marketing, pr and communication strategies.

Rail, Roads & Infrastructure

Projects that involve rail, roads and infrastructure very often make for the most interesting form of time lapse photography. These large scale projects benefit enormously from being caught on camera in HD, 4k or 8k resolution. We can create high impact time lapse videos that are great for PR campaigns, focusing attention and influencing perceptions.

Media & Events

When it comes to promoting media and events, image is everything. Whether you'd like to capture a large scale event or celebrate the launch of an important media event, a time lapse can help you to capture the energy and scale of your event. Get in touch today, and learn how we can help you communicate the success of your event using time lapse photography.  

Renewable Energy

We specialise in Time lapse photography for the renewable energy sector. A time lapse is a fantastic way to showcase how renewable technology harnesses the power of the natural elements. From showcasing wind farm energy, to tidal energy, solar energy and even hydro electricity, a time lapse will truly help to capture the imagination.

Housing and Residential

Housing and residential time lapse photography is a great way to promote the positive work you are doing within local communities. From the right perspective, the erection of dozens of homes can be caught on camera, ready to be shown to investors and prospective buyers. It's a fantastic tool for creating confidence, building trust and engaging stakeholders. 

Interior fit out

A Time lapse video that charts the journey of an interior or office fit out is a dramatic way to showcase the refurbishment and transformation of an interior space. With the help of a professional time lapse, office fit out companies can showcase the entire journey to prospective and existing clients and celebrate the journey with wider audiences.

4K or 8K resolution (Custom built)

We are a specialist provider of Time lapse photography. All of our Time lapse camera systems are built in house and are tailored to each individual project. We do not use inferior third party camera systems.

View and monitor Anywhere!

Our private time lapse portal allows clients to real time access to their time lapse system. Clients can review and monitor their images, download videos and even live stream the time lapse on their website. 

Short duration Time Lapse (minutes to days)

Our short-duration projects can be captured across a few minutes or hours. We can leave the camera system in one place, or position the camera at different angles and create a dynamic time lapse edit. 

Long duration Time Lapse (months to years)

Time Lapse photography is great for capturing events over long periods of time. Our waterproof systems are fully automated, They are also connected to the cloud, allowing us to monitor images and control each setting.  

Additional media coverage

Time-lapse is a fantastic tool, however additional media coverage can often be required. We provide range of creative services including video production services, aerial filming and commercial photography,

Hyper Lapse (Take your image to the next level)

Hyperlapse is a technique in time lapse photography that allows the photographer to move the camera at small intervals in order to inject motion. Hyperlapse is a fantastic way to showcase a cityscape or busy scene.

create a lasting impression WITH time lapse photography

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